Poor Fellow by Elizabeth Griffin

Here's my first play written earlier this year as a final project for a creative writing class at a college in the San Franicisco Bay Area. This story is the first I've finished, beginning to end, that has been shared publicly. It's very personal and many of the scenes are inspired by true events that happened to people close to me. Even more exciting? The short play was performed by student actors under the direction of Nick Garcia during the 2011 Los Medanos College Spring Show. I am very grateful it was a top choice by the acting group and my instructor. I will cherish the experience always and am inspired to keep at my writing projects. If you take the time to read this ten minute play, thank you. Time is a precious thing, and it's an honor you spent your time on reading this story. I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to comment below. I hope that someday this is turned into a graphic novel or short movie.

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